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Alias Runner Car Game المطارده الرهيبه لعبه سيارات

Alias Runner Car Game المطارده الرهيبه لعبه سيارات
A 3D style car chasing game where you try to run away from other cars and avoid being hit or destroyed.
لعبه حياه او موت يجب ان تتفادى السيارات المطارده لك عبر المدينه و ان تاخذ الايقونات المنتشره فى المدينه لتحافظ على تصليح سيارتك
The object of this 3D car chasing game is to race around the city while trying to avoid the cars out to smash you to bits. In fact, your enemies are fanatically determined to drive you off the road. Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety surviving enemy attack. Check fuel level and car health status by keeping your eyes on the indicators located at the upper side of the screen. Remember to collect fuel and health bonuses you will find scattered on the track.Don't worry about picking up all the blue blobs first time around - you have to cover most of the route a second time after the second tunnel and you can lose a lot of health if the other vehicles trap you in a corner. You will find some traffic signal helping you to find the right direction...Good luck!

Controls:Brake: Space bar الفراكل بمفتاح المسافه
Accelerate: Up arrow key or Ctrl key لزيادة السرعه السهم لاعلى او مفتاح كونترول
Reverse: Down arrow key or ALt key للرجوع بالسياره الى الخلف السهم لاسفل او مفتاح
Turn left: Left arrow key لتحرك يمين ا يسار بالاسهم
Turn Right: Right arrow key
Pause: P key

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