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Car RACER Game سياره السباق لعبه سيارات رائعه

Car RACER Game سياره السباق لعبه سيارات رائعه

You're in for the ride of your life - in this fast-paced 3D remote controlled racing game. This is one of the best Shockwave 3D implementations we've seen. Supersonic RC mixes fast and furious checkpoint racing with extreme stunts. What you wind up with is a 3D racer that is exciting and fun, with 5 different challenge modes of play. Each level must be unlocked by completing the one before it, thus providing a system of rewards that enhances enjoyment of the game.The first level, Free Driving, acquaints you with the vehicle, the environment, and the placement of the checkpoints. The goal is to make two complete laps of the circuit within the time limit. An arrow on-screen points in the direction of the next checkpoint to help you along. The second level, Checkpoint Chase, gives you just 10 seconds to reach each checkpoint. Subsequent levels require you to perform aerobatic stunts for points. Simply get your racer off the ground any way you can. The more flips and turns in the air you do, the more points you'll get. Landings do not have to be perfect, this is worry-free extreme stunting at its best. There is also a scavenger hunt element added where finding the higher ground is necessary to rack up enough points to move on. Plain and simple, this game ROCKS and is a lot of fun to play. Controls: Use the arrow keys to drive the car. Press Space Bar for Hand brakes. Press ESC to quit to main menu. Press S Key to toggle sound on/off.


سياره السباق الرائعه لعبه مجسمه رائعه ثلاثيه الابعاد حاول ان تصل الى النقاط الصفراء قبل مرور الوقت 10 ثوانى 


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